Lucas Chesslovin

Lucas Chesslovin

Hey there, I'm Lucas, a chess-crazy dad who's on a mission to pass on my obsession to my kids. I believe that if you want to give your kids a head start in life then forget about hiring a tutor or buying expensive educational toys. Just teach them chess! It's the ultimate brain booster and it's free! That's why I created this website - to prove that chess is more than just a game for brainiacs, it's fun and it can make you calmer and smarter. With my experience in chess, including winning several local championships, I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion with a community of enthusiasts who share my love for the game.

3000 Elo in Chess

3000 Elo In Chess

3000 Elo in Chess The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum two-player games. ELO is often written in all caps but it doesn’t have a full form — it’s simply…

Chess Manga

chess manga

Best Chess Manga It’s tricky to pinpoint the absolute best chess manga, but here’s a list of contenders that fit the bill. Some of these may lean more towards the ‘go’ board game, but they still have elements of chess…

Checkmate Painting

checkmate painting with figures overlay

Checkmate Painting Are you ready to take your chess obsession to the next level? Have you ever heard the phrase ‘there is always one more move’? Well, let me tell you, that phrase is the essence of chess, and it…

Chess Pick Up Lines

Chess Pick Up Lines Are there any Chess Pick Up Lines? Attention all chess enthusiasts! Are you tired of striking out with the ladies? Have you ever found yourself at a tournament or a club meeting, staring longingly at that…